Focused on your future

Designed to support the lifestyle you choose, BRWM’s systematic approach aims to capture the returns of the stock market through a low-cost, diversified investment strategy.

We believe that stock markets are efficient and consistently incorporate all available information into their prices, meaning that no investor can consistently outperform others.

Therefore, like many experts, we believe that fund managers who claim they can beat the market are misguided: they may achieve this for a couple of years but, long-term, markets will always out-perform so-called 'clever' fund managers such as Neil Woodford.

What’s more, these fund managers’ active approach incurs greater costs which eat away at your profits and can have a significant impact on the value of your portfolio over time, while also increasing risk.

A pioneering approach

Based on empirical evidence, BRWM’s 'passive investing' approach is to build robust, diversified portfolios that are spread across different asset classes, reflecting your attitude to risk. This provides a high degree of protection against the effects of market volatility.

We were one of the first UK wealth management companies to adopt this ‘evidence-based’ philosophy and, as already seen in the USA and Canada, the shift to passive funds is now a long-term trend.

Assets in global passive funds are expected to triple by 2025 as active funds' market share decreases

(Source: PwC)



Maintaining the right profile

As your portfolio grows in value we ensure the balance of investments continues to reflect your attitude to risk and your financial needs.

Where a particular asset class has delivered greater growth over time, your portfolio can become skewed towards those assets, making it ‘risker’ than you ever intended. Regular 'rebalancing' back to the original profile controls the risk and keeps your investments focused on your long-term goals.

Our systematic approach to rebalancing takes away the emotion that results in many investors 'selling low' and 'buying high'. Instead, we do the opposite, meaning that equities or bonds are always bought at low prices and sold when they're at or near their peak.

Backed by the investment greats

BRWM’s philosophy is founded on Nobel Prize-winning research and supported by some of the world’s leading economists, investors and academics.

In establishing what’s best for our clients we’ve travelled to meet many of these investment gurus and we’re so passionate about sharing the benefits of our approach that we’ve set up our own online channel, Sensible Investing TV.

We’ve also helped to produce the UK edition of the investment book ‘Think, Act, and Invest Like, Warren Buffett’.

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All your finances. All in one place

An important element of being a BRWM client is knowing that you’re fully in control of your finances.

You'll have access to MoneyHive, our brilliant online dashboard, that enables you to keep track of all your income, expenses, assets and liabilities.

Our app also makes it easy to check, compare and understand all your bank accounts, investments, insurances, loans and property details.

No more wading through piles of paper and sorting through filing cabinets. Just one click and everything’s there on one screen, on your phone, tablet or PC.

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