Don't just do something - sit there!

BRWM's evidence-based approach to investment management is based on Modern Portfolio Theory and founded on Nobel Prize-winning academic research.

We were one of the first UK wealth management companies to take this approach, although the undoubted benefits of the method means that a growing number of firms in the UK are following many more in the USA, Canada and elsewhere and using passive principles to manage their clients’ portfolios.

The way we handle your investments sees us avoid the common pitfalls which can erode wealth: picking stocks, chasing fund managers and trying to beat the market.

We believe that markets are efficient and that fund managers who say they can beat the market are misguided: they may achieve this for a couple of years but, long-term, markets will always out-perform 'clever' fund managers.

Barnett Ravenscroft Wealth Management makes decisions based on empirical evidence and builds robust, diversified portfolios that are balanced across different investment classes, reflecting your attitude to risk.

We plan for the long term and maintain the balance of investments so that your portfolio will deliver the consistent returns required to achieve the lifestyle you want.