Backed by the investment greats

BRWM’s approach to investing is supported by the world’s leading economists, investors and academics.

In shaping our philosophy, BRWM’s Richard Wood and Igors Alferovs carried out extensive research and travelled to meet many investment gurus.

These included the late John Bogle, creator of the first index fund for individual investors; Burton Malkiel, Professor of Economics at Princeton University; Eugene Fama, the ‘Father of Modern Finance’ and financial theorist, William Bernstein.

Richard and Igors have also worked with investment writer Larry Swedroe to produce the UK edition of ‘Think, Act, and Invest Like, Warren Buffett’.

Eugene Fama

University of Chicago professor Eugene Fama is widely viewed as the ‘Father of Modern Finance’. His Efficient Market Hypothesis concluded that stock markets consistently incorporate all available information into their prices, meaning that capital markets cannot be identified in advance: a key component of the passive or evidence-based investing approach. Fama shared the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2013.

John Bogle

In 1975 John C. Bogle created the first index fund available to individual investors, Vanguard’s First Index Investment Trust. He is widely recognized as a vocal champion of the individual investor, even earning him the moniker of “St. Jack” for his unwavering commitment to keeping fees as low as possible and ensuring fund transparency and purity.

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Bruce Greenwald

A recognised authority on value investing, Bruce Greenwald is a professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. He wrote Value Investing: from Graham to Buffett and Beyond and Competition Demystified: A Radically Simplified Approach to Business Strategy. Lauded by Warren Buffett for his influence, he has also been referred to by the New York Times as ‘a guru to Wall Street’s gurus'.


Rick Ferri

Rick Ferri is a financial analyst, author, speaker and founder of Portfolio Solutions, LLC. He has over 25 years of experience in the investment industry including ten years as a financial consultant at two major Wall Street firms. Rick has published extensively including several books on index funds, ETFs and asset allocation, and written articles for Forbes magazine and the Wall Street Journal.


Bill McNabb

F. William McNabb III is chairman and chief executive officer of Vanguard, the company he joined in 1986. Before becoming CEO in 2008, he led each of Vanguard’s client-facing business divisions.
He also serves on the executive committee of the Investment Company Institute’s board of governors.


David Booth

David Booth founded Dimensional Funds Advisors (DFA) in 1981, a highly regarded mutual fund company that applies evidence-based asset class strategies to its wide range of fund choices, many of which provide a tilt toward small and value factors which have shown to deliver higher returns over time. DFA was one of the first fund companies to impart to its clients and advisors the concept that economic science demonstrates a direct relationship between risk and return.

Larry Swedroe

Larry Swedroe is director of research for investment advisory firm Buckingham Asset Management in St. Louis, USA, and author of several well-known books on passive investing, including Think, Act, And Invest Like Warren Buffett and The Only Guide to a Winning Investment Strategy You’ll Ever Need – one of the first authors to publish a book explaining passive investing in layman’s terms. He writes the ‘Wise Investing’ blog for CBS’s personal finance website.

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Ken French

Ken French is the Roth Family Distinguished Professor of Finance at the Tuck School of Business, Darmouth College, New Hampshire. He is most famous for his work on asset pricing with Eugene Fama, including their research into the value effect and the three-factor model. His recent research focuses on tests of asset pricing, the trade-off between risk and return in domestic and international financial markets, and the relation between capital structure and firm value.


Charles Ellis

Charles Ellis founded institutional consulting firm Greenwich Associates in 1972 and has served as a director of Vanguard and was the Investment Committee chairman at Yale University. Charles Ellis is widely recognised as the first industry insider to publicly state, in his seminal article, ‘The Loser’s Game’, that most active managers fail to meet their benchmarks, and that most investors are better off sticking with low cost index funds.

William Bernstein

William Bernstein

Bill Bernstein is an American financial theorist and neurologist who lives in Portland, Oregon and is a prominent researcher in the field of modern portfolio theory. He has authored several best-selling books on finance and history, and is often quoted in the national financial media.

He now runs a boutique investment service called Efficient Frontier Advisors LLC that serves clients with portfolios worth at least $25 million.


Burton Malkiel

Princeton Professor of Economics Burton Malkiel is the renowned author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street (1973) which challenged the financial services industry to provide the investing public with a better way to invest, stating: “A blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a newspaper’s financial pages could select a portfolio that would do just as well as one carefully selected by the experts.”

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