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Our view of wealth management is that it’s a journey and we steer a steady course, managing your investment portfolio in your best interests and providing the right support at the right time. BRWM’s team delivers the following services:

Lifestyle planning

For those near the beginning of their investment journey, our plans focus on managing and accumulating wealth to achieve their goals; for those nearing retirement they’re about providing the reassurance that they can still live life to the full without running out of money.

Risk management

We want you to sleep soundly. To do this we pick the investment portfolio that’s right for you; one that’s structured in a way that ensures you don’t worry. We’ll also build in the right insurances to protect your family or business in case the worst happens.

Tax planning

Adding to your financial peace of mind, we ensure you make tax efficient use of your assets. Our consultancy services cover all personal taxes, including Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax.

Trusts and estate planning

Transferring wealth from one generation to another should be planned carefully and sensitively. We apply our experience and expertise, utilising trusts to ensure it’s done tax efficiently. We’ll also help safeguard family assets against divorce.

Business sales and succession planning

When company owners wish to sell their business, we’ll advise them on the best strategy and help get it ready for sale. We also provide guidance where a business is being passed on to family members or a management team, ensuring it happens smoothly and tax efficiently. Where required we can also help to arrange funding.

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