Approaching wealth management differently

Barnett Ravenscroft Wealth Management are a UK-based team of wealth managers and financial planners who believe in putting you first.

We provide a unique personal service to families, individuals and trustees whose net worth exceeds £1 million.

We firmly believe your money should work to enable to you live the life you want to lead. So, we take time to truly understand your values and aspirations.

Our evidence-based, low-fee investment philosophy is designed to grow and preserve your wealth - and achieve your lifestyle goals.

Establishing a close working relationship with you, we continually support you on your financial journey and, as our existing clients will testify, we’re always just a call or email away.

'Returns without the costs'

Our advice is based on proven, evidence-based principles which aim to capture the returns of the stock market without incurring the costs of excessive trading and 'playing the market'.

Over time, this so-called 'passive investing' approach can have a strongly-positive impact on the value of your portfolio.

Our approach has been shaped by extensive research – we’ve travelled the world to learn from global experts and understand how we can best serve our clients.

We were one of the first UK wealth management companies to adopt the ‘evidence-based’ philosophy.

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To ensure our services are well suited to you, we have a few simple questions to ask.

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BRWM is a small, highly qualified and experienced team of wealth management specialists who are committed to finding out where you want to be and helping you get there.

You’ll soon regard them as trusted advisers, warming to their approachable, transparent way of working and willingness to go the extra mile.

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