Taking small steps towards a more sustainable world

The discussion of climate change, and more broadly building a sustainable model for the future, has become mainstream.  Whilst the enormity of the challenge can seem daunting, we can all make a difference.  The problem is that we face a range of trade-offs and contradictions; for example, we may dislike fossil fuels and CO2 emissions, but we still drive diesel cars and fly to nice places for our holidays.  However, we can all take sensible ‘steps in the right direction’ in our daily lives that can make a difference, including how we invest.  A simple continuum from traditional portfolios to impactful direct investments provides a range of choices.  We feel that maintaining the structural integrity of portfolios and adhering as closely as possible to our tried and tested philosophy, whilst identifying funds that favour companies trying to make a difference, is a prudent and worthy first step, for those who want to take it.

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