Risk: a delicate balancing act

How much risk are you prepared to take? Most people, when asked, would want their money to make as much profit as possible. But higher profits generally entail greater risk. 

If you're happy with taking those risks - especially if you're young enough to have decades of earning ahead of you - we'll devise a portfolio that reflects this, putting more of your investments into higher risk assets such as equities and property.

If, however, you'd prefer a safer, but potentially less financially rewarding route - and if you're nearer retirement, when you'll probably want to draw an income from your investments - we'll divert more of your funds into gilts, bonds and similar more stable investments.

It all comes down to balancing how much risk you are ablewilling, and need, to take to achieve the returns you want, along with the level of uncertainty you feel comfortable with in the pursuit of potentially higher rewards.

We'll discuss with you what percentage of your portfolio should be in which camp. You may, for example, decide to risk nothing and put everything in the low risk category. Or you may think a 60:40 split represents the best balance for you.

This is perhaps the most important decision you'll need to make. We make sure you are comfortable with your risk profile before we recommend a portfolio.

Finametrica profiling

We work with FinaMetrica, an online risk profiling system, to help us determine our clients' best risk profile. If you'd like to work out your own tolerance for risk, you can complete a simple online test.

You will need login details to access the test, so complete the enquiry form on this page and we will send you a login code and instructions for completing your own risk profile.

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