With you all the way

Choosing a firm to manage a significant investment portfolio isn't something you can do in a hurry.

Likewise, deciding how best to help you achieve your lifetime goals is a process that takes us a while, too.

Before that recommendation is made, we need to understand how adventurous or cautious you are when it comes to taking financial risks. We then find out about you, your family and your goals. We need to know what milestones you want to achieve in your life and how you want your wealth to benefit others, as well as yourself.

Only then do we prepare a highly detailed and personalised plan that takes all of this into account.

Once we've agreed the way to go, we implement our recommendations; and review the plan with you on a regular basis to ensure everything's working as it should, and to discuss any changes you want to make.

We provide you with the resources to keep track of how you're investments are doing via a secure log-in area on our website; and keep you informed about investing issues with our regular Acuity newsletter.