Keeping on track

Our relationship is built on trust. By the time you become a client, we'll know what you're looking to achieve and how you want your money to work for you. Over the years that follow, you'll be able to see exactly how that's working out.

Once on board, we look at your portfolio on a regular basis and ensure that it's progressing as planned. The balance of your investments (agreed with you following risk profiling) could well change as one asset class outperforms others. For example, a 'bull market' could mean that the value of your shares has risen significantly, and equities - an inherently riskier investment than, say. bonds - now represent a much bigger percentage of your portfolio than you'd intended. When this happens, we rebalance your investments to ensure we maintain the proportional split between equities and bonds that we agreed with you at the start.

Every year we hold a review meeting with you to discuss your investments and any changes in circumstances which could be relevant; but you can always check on your investments online, via a secure client-only section of our website which allows you password-protected access to your investment records.

On top of this, we regularly update our website with the latest investment news, publish informative blogs, issue our popular Acuity newsletter and keep our social media channels such as TwitterLinked In and YouTube up to date, making it as easy as possible to find out what's happening in the world of investing.

Of course, we're available on the phone or in person should you wish to meet up at any other time too.

In practice, though, we find out clients don't call us too often - they're too busy enjoying life, secure in the knowledge that their investments are being safely and wisely shepherded.